Monday, December 28, 2009

Compiling ZynAddSubFX on Ubuntu 9.04

ZynAddSubFX does not compile from source by default and there is no configure file. Add the following packages and the build will succeed.

apt-get install fluid libmxml-dev libfftw3-3 mffm-fftw-dev libasound2-dev

I've never been happy with the appearance of ZynAddSubFX on linux. It seemed the fonts were all too big, crowding the screen and buttons. I was going to look into fixing this, which was the reason I downloaded the source version in the first place. But to my surprise, the version I compiled myself looked great. I'm guessing that fluid makes geometric decisions based on the video display it is used on and that the package maintainer uses a lower screen resolution than I do, thus the crappy display.

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