Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alesis Perforamnce Pad midi clock sync

Just a quick's not easy to get the Alesis Performance Pad synced up with your Linux system.  Jack and Ardour supports MTC, not midi clock (at least not yet).

My need was to sync all of my virtual stuff (seq24, Ardour) with my drum machine, the Alesis.  Unfortunately, no midi in on the Alesis, only midi out.  The Alesis will emit old school midi clock messages, and that's about it.

My hackish solution: use Rosegarden.

Under settings/midi/midi sync you'll find a MIDI Clock and System Messages option.  From the drop down select "Accept start, stop and continue."

Assuming your external synth or drum machine is connected via midi in to jack, pressing play on the external device will now start Rosegarden.  If synced to other Jack applications, this will also kick off your entire virtual orchestra.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Multi-track export for LMMS

I wrote a new little feature for LMMS, the Linux Multi Media System (which also runs on Windows).  LMMS is an FLStudio-like product that I've been making music with for the last year or so.  One issue I have with it is that I can't do everything I need from within LMMS, like real-time recording or controlling an external midi device---the way that I would want to.  And in fact I'm not sure I would want to do everything in one program.

Instead I use LMMS as a tool.  For electronic beat-based music, it rules.  So I like to do the electronic tracks within LMMS.  But I also am into adding real vocals, or recording other non-sequenced sounds.

In the past I would do my sequence work in LMMS, then export the final mix as a wav file, and then pull it into Ardour as a stereo track.  (I'd like to just use jack to sync the two products, but this hasn't worked out---seems the support is not there.)  Then I add other tracks, and then do a final mix down.

But, this sucks as I sometimes decide I need to re-balance the LMMS submix, which meant going back into LMMS, mixing down there and then re-exporting.

So my solution was to add an "export tracks" feature to LMMS that exports each instrument or sample as it's own wav file.  Now I can import each sound as an individual track in Ardour.

I've submitted the patch to LMMS-dev but it has yet to be accepted, so I don't know if the feature will make it into the product or not.  But I hope it will!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mounting software raid devices on Linux

Just bought a solid state drive to replace two aging drives.  My two drives have appeared, for the last four years, as a single striped (Raid 1) drive to my system, via software raid.

After a fresh installation of UbuntuStudio 12.04 on the solid state drive, it's time to migrate data.  But how to mount the two old drives?

Turns out it was ridiculously easy.  I simply installed mdadm, rebooted, and there was my Raid 1 drive.

When did it get so easy?  I remember the good (bad?) old days when I'd be posting three pages of technical details to resolve such a problem.

Thanks to all of the open source contributers past and present for making our world a better place!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Jquery Mobile and rubber band drag effect

brokentoe 03:40:11 PM
Best way to eliminate rubber banding of entire page on touch drag?  Want header and footer to stay fixed.

pizthewiz 03:49:56 PM
if you are using PhoneGap on iOS, it has a config option UIWebViewBounce in Cordova.plist, if not you are left to your own devices to sort out (0:

In short, if you are using JQuery mobile as a webapp only, there is not a sanctioned way to prevent fixed headers and footers from bouncing when user attempts to scroll content area past bottom or top of page.  I've tried several posted workarounds, from iscroll.js to custom css and javascript hacks.  Still looking for the perfect solution.

Friday, February 10, 2012


We've been experimenting with badges for the SayAh web site. For example, the following badge---which is just a hyperlink with an embedded image---directs visitors to the CSOS web site to Bryan Hawkin's SayAh Review Site.

SayAh Review Results

I'm not sure if the badge fragment will render properly within a blogger post, thus this post, which tests behavior.