Friday, September 18, 2009

Ignite Tulsa

Last night's Ignite Tulsa event was a blast. The beer was cold, the first one was free, and the talks were often amusing.

The best presentation had to be "If someone gives you roses you should be pissed off" by Matthew Galloway. I follow Galloway on twitter, but, as one not twitter obsessed, haven't really paid too much attention to him before. I simply knew him as the guy who had T-Shirts made up that said, "I'm following @mattgalloway #supergenius".

Well a super genius he is, or if that's overstating it, he is at least a super dynamic speaker. His observations, from roses to Harley Davidson motorcycles, were poignant and so damn true. The point of his five minute twenty slide rant: Have an original thought already.

Hopefully he'll post his slide deck or a video will be made available.

I also want to give props to my former colleague and fellow entrepreneur Geoffrey Simpson. His presentation "Challenging Yourself" was a real inspiration. Geoff is always trying new things, and presenting to crowd that size might have been one of those first steps he described. His conviction, energy, and positive message definitely won over the crowd.

There were other notable presentations, too many to mention. Here's a last one: @OKLibrarian was hilarious.