Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jacob Kaplan-Moss In Tulsa

Last night Jacob Kaplan-Moss came to speak at the Tulsa Python User's Group meeting for June. He is one of Django's founders and one of the pair of Django's Benevolent Dictators for Life, the other being Adrian Holovaty.

Jacob gave a little background on the Django project and talked about the upcoming 1.0 release. He gave a date for the release, a news flash that he had yet to announced on the user group lists. I think he said September, but you probably ought to check the mailing lists to get the real dope.

Most interesting comments:

He called Kent Beck's unit test approach either "crap" or "bullshit"---I can't recall the exact term, saying that his problem with it was sitting down to design tests before writing functions, and testing for inputs that you will never realistically be pushing into the functions. (Hopefully I paraphrased him correctly here.) The gist of his point was the suggestion that the programmer should be trusted to do the right thing.

Jacob also told us that he was a surprised as anyone when Google announced that AppEngine was Django based (or inspired). Google had approached him several months before to discuss "something" but the conversation didn't happen because Jacob wouldn't sign an NDA.

Of course most of the conversation was about new features, but you can go out and find that information yourself.

After the meeting a few of us accompanied Jacob to McNellie's, a local pub, for a few beers.
My impression was that he is a reasonable, down-to-earth kind of guy.