Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vim tags

Continuing on with my exploration of Vim features I've yet to use, let's explore tags.

Tags are like bookmarks. They let you jump around to different places in your file that you might want to reference, like a class definition for example.

Create a tag like so: ":tag tagname". This tags the current line number with the name you provide. Alternatively, you can use the shortcut CTRL + ]. The tag name will be taken from either the character under your cursor, or if you've highlighted a word or phrase, it will be used.

":tags" shows you your list of tags.

# TO tag FROM line in file/text
> 1 1 LongTextAnswer 8 q = LongTextAnswer()

Each time I show my :tags I get this error:

E433: No tags file.

This may also explain why my tags queue only contains the most recent tag I create. Further reading reveals that the tags file is created by the program ctags. I'll try installing exuberant-ctags and see what affect that has on my operation.

sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

Restarting vim and trying the :tags command again showed that my tags file could still not be found. I found a nice little page that describes the rest of the process that one must go through to get your tags file set up. Follow the link to learn more.

On a related note, you can read ctags in python:

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