Monday, March 28, 2011

Dansguardian and Youtube on Ubuntu 10.10

If you want content filtering for your kids on Ubuntu 10.10, Dansguardian does the trick, but be prepared to do some tweaking.

Installation is not difficult. Follow this recipe:

My kids love youtube but the default configuration renders it useless. Locate the configuration files in /etc/dansguardian. You'll primarily be interested in the content under the "lists" directory.

I added the following file extensions to exceptionextensionlist:


From bannedregexpurllist, I removed the keyword "naked", which seemed a bit over the top to me.

For video playback, add this line to exceptionurllist:

In exceptionsitelist, add the following. What the heck is Well apparently it serves the main static css off youtube. I don't know if this changes and if it does how often, but I do know that the addition of this line alone had the most positive change on the overall youtube experience under Dansguardian.

Similar steps may need to be repeated for other sites that fail to render properly. Watch the log at /var/log/dansguardian/access.log to see what's getting blocked, as that will provide the clues as to what you need to make exception for.

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