Sunday, June 20, 2010

New RSS feed

If you are feeding this blog into Google Reader, update your settings and pull from here instead:

I pull my activity from several sources (including to display a nicely formatted aggregate of my online activity on my home page. But it hasn't been possible to subscribe to the aggregate until now. I use Universal Feed Parser to combine my various feeds and had hoped that there would be a nice method to easily turn the parsed values back into serialized ATOM. Poking around, I didn't find any such method, so I used PyRSS2Gen to pack the parsed dictionary back into RSS. It probably would have been just as easy to load an XML library and just write out XML, but I didn't want to have to read specifications or, really, do much work on this. Still took me at least an hour of my life, but that's not so bad. If it wasn't kind of fun I wouldn't be monkeying with it on my day off!

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