Sunday, March 29, 2009


I did what I suspect was a fairly brave thing at PyCon. I attended an Open Spaced entitled "Is This Pythonic?" No one else was willing to put their code in front of the Python core developers (Jack Diederich and Moshe Zadka), so I offered up on of the files from my PyShards project. Now, keep in mind that I only decided that Python would be my language of Primacy about 6 months before writing the file that they reviewed. I tend to use the common subset of programming language features so that I can hop back and forth between programming languages without making my brain explode. Nonetheless, I wanted to see what it would take to make my code acceptable to the most pedantic of Python programmers, so I volunteered.

Check out the result:

Jack could not pythonicify the code to his satisfaction without relying on newer and trunk Python features. At the time of his writing, he was still not satisfied with his result.

It was an interesting, if not a bit nerve racking, exercise.

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Jack Diederich said...

Devin, I did a followup post about the patch I eventually submitted. It is 2.5 combatible (no fancy features).